Sometimes we need to check our attitudes. We can get stuck in a negative mindset. This board is a reminder that we should each try to be more positive. You can become what you set your mind to. Check out the flowers. Some Be-Attitudes suggested include: Be Intelligent, Be Bold, Be Caring, Be Brave, Be Happy, Be Thankful, Be Encouraging, and Be You. Can you think of any others? What would you like to be?


Women’s Weekend- Relaxation Event


Shoutout to all the 4E residents who came to the relaxation event, and thanks to everyone else who was able to make it. It was so great to see all the families, and hear about how fun this weekend was. At the relaxation event, there were make-up devos, facials, and even women’s history trivia. There were also silhouettes¬†¬†of famous women in history with clues below them. Women’s Weekend attendees were able to guess who each women was based on the clues. So much was learned this weekend, and there was so many fun things to do with friends and family to celebrate being a woman! Thanks again to all who could make it!

Galentine’s Event


On February 12, almost all of the RA’s came together and created a Galentine’s Event. At the event, we had a waffle bar, karaoke, coloring, MASH, and a photo booth. It was such an amazing turn out, and I loved seeing so many friends get¬†together and celebrate the friendships and the¬†community of Wilgus as a whole. We¬†have so many amazing ladies in this building, and this was a great way to celebrate¬†our appreciation¬†for each other!

Valentine’s Bags


The week before Valentine’s day, I made a bag for each of the 4E residents. Residents went around to doors and put valentines and candies in the bags. It was fun seeing each of the ladies going around and handing out their valentines. I also really enjoyed the reactions of residents when they were handing out valentines¬†and when they were going through their own valentine bags. There were lots of smiles on 4E that week. Thanks to all the residents who participated. I love seeing the wing come together. ¬†It was a great success.


United We Stand


Last Sunday was the guest speaker for United We Stand. The guest speaker was Monti Washington. He has an amazing story called “From the Streets to the Stage.” He spoke to us about how important each of us are.

Monti had us practice our confidence. He shared with us how he was always told that he was sh*t. He was told he was nothing, worthless. Monti had 6 students come to the front of the room and share three reasons why they were THE sh*t. These three thing were to remind us that we are awesome people in our own ways. We all matter.

Next he spoke about being true. He had us all take out our phones and delete all the people on our phones that were haters and/or fakers. We don’t need people like that in our lives to bring us down. He spoke about dreaming wide awake.

Our dreams can become a reality if we work hard and believe in our selves. “OLLIN.” The meaning of ollin is “Go forth now with all your heart and all your passion.” Monti thought

One of the last points that Monti shared with us was “If you were an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, would you be happy? Monti encouraged us to think about the people we surround ourselves with, and whether or not we are making good choices about who we give our time to. The people we spend time with can reflect the person people see us as. Make good choices when it comes to who we spend time with. Surround yourself with encouragers, achievers, dreamers, and anyone else who makes a positive imprint on your life.

Thanks to the resident that came to United We Stand. Way to represent 4E. ūüėÄ