Yell Like Hell

For the first time ever Yell Like Hell was held at the Ralph E. Davis Stadium to support our Men’s soccer team! Now I don’t know much about soccer but I do know that the Pioneers lead us to a 2-1 victory in overtime against the Marian Sabres! Hope everyone had a good time and thanks for sitting out in the cold with me!


United We Stand with the Peterson Farm Bros

Thank you to my resident Jada for coming out this past Sunday to this semester’s United We Stand lecture. Jada and I both come from the Chicago-land area so our knowledge on farming is very limited. This presentation was able to give us and many others like us an inside look at what life is really like living on a farm and just how different everyone’s lives can be. Be sure to check out some of their hilarious parody videos on YouTube and like them on Facebook!

Dragonfly Door Decs


New door decs went up with this week! In a variety of different colors these dragonflies add a great touch of color to the halls! Hope you all like them and look out for more door decs coming soon!


This past Tuesday, 2W and 4E teamed up for an impromptu movie night in the LCCR! We all enjoyed a good laugh with this classic Ben Stiller movie, chocolate covered strawberries and popcorn! Hope everyone who was able to watch it had a great time and can’t wait until the next movie night!

Whip It

This past week Margaret and myself hosted a joint wing event open to anyone who wanted to enjoy a movie and popcorn from Millennium Cinema. What movie might you ask, well as a good way to start off the year we chose to view Whip It (2009) starring Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore, and Kristen Wiig. The movie focuses on Ellen Page’s character, Bliss, who is 17 and struggling to figure out who she is and what it is in life that she’s passionate about. In the end she becomes her own hero and just like Bliss, I hope that all of the residents of Wilgus 4 East will be able to find their own inner strength, recognizes the things in life they care about the most, and find the support system that will allow them to grow and prosper. Thank you to everyone who came out and I hope you enjoyed the movie and popcorn. See you at the next  event!

Welcome Back Bash


This past Thursday Wilgus teamed up with McGregor Hall and Cooper Hall to host the annual Welcome Back Bash! This event was known in previous years as the “Welcome Back Luau” but this year we decided to revamp the theme and make it a glow party! A fun filled night with fresh fruit, trail mix, volleyball, beanbag toss, kubb, a DJ, and so much more! Hope everyone had a great time and can’t wait to see you at the next event!

Happy Birthday!!

The birthdays have started to roll in for 4E! Your birthday is your day and I hope you have a great day! Keep a look out for more of these fun festive birthday door decs appearing all throughout the year! 

Color Bash

Thank you to everyone who came out to this year’s Color Bash that we teamed up with McGregor with this time around! This year’s color bash offered a make your own trail mix bar, messy twister, sponge wars, tie dye, and piñatas!

Glow Campus!

Glow Campus! What’s a better way to kick off the school year than dancing the night away with hundreds of your fellow Pioneers. With glow sticks, body paint, meeting new people and amazing music, this night is sure to be remembered for years to come! Hope everyone had a great a time and can’t wait for the next dance!

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