Hip Hop with Dr. King


This week we had Dr. Frank King come speak about Hip Hop culture and how it has evolved from its start in the early 1970’s to what is has become in today’s music industry. The conversation ended up lasting well past the originally scheduled hour because Dr. King allowed for us to voice our opinions on the hip hop world as well as showing us all different videos about the start of hip hop, the revolution of hip hop, old vs new hip hop, and music videos. This was such a fun and interactive event, we hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed the ice cream!

Feel free to check out this video from the event!



Midterms and Chill


We have finally made it to midterms! Whether or not your teacher actually has an exam somewhere between week 6-9 because “midterm” is a loosely used term nowadays. This event was full of games, pizza, and a movie for anyone who needed to decompress after some stressful weeks. Good luck to everyone on their exams and hope everyone had a fun time!

Mindfulness and Meditation

To close out the speakers of Women’s Weekend, we had Jason Artz from Counseling Services come speak to us about finding peace of mind. We were all able to make keychains/bracelets as a way to express ourselves creatively and to find something to focus our energy into. We ended the session with a quick relaxing meditation session to show us how an easy way to refocus and find balance for ourselves.

Sexual Health Relay and Trivia with Melissa Stoner

It was all fun and games racing each other and blowing up condoms, but that all faded away when we realized what a serious issue our lack of knowledge about sexual health was. Thank you to the Wilgus Resident Director, Melissa Stoner, for creating such a fun way to get us to learn about our bodies and ways that we could be better caring for them.

Reminder: all RAs have free condomsĀ  just ask or look for a bowl outside their rooms. Student Health Services also offers have free condoms and STI testing.

Gender Performance with Dr. Pip

We were lucky enough to welcome Dr. Pip back to Wilgus Hall again for Women’s Weekend and have him come discuss gender as a performance with all of us. His presentation started out with drawing what we thought was a good representation of a woman on a basic stick figure while listening to Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” which was well received by the audience. To continue the presentation we listened to different music and analyzed it as how it can be perceived as a way of either being proud of one’s gender or trying to hide behind a gender title.

Thank you Dr. Pip for coming to speak with us again!

Brunch with Dr. Shan Sappleton


To kick off Women’s Weekend this year, we had Dr. Shan Sappleton come speak to us about being empowered women while enjoying a great brunch. Dr. S told us stories about her grandfather and growing up by a strong male figure who wanted her to be the best woman she could be, and carried on his words of wisdom with her throughout life. Thank you to the HIT E-board for setting up and cooking the brunch, and thank you to Dr. S for coming to Wilgus to share your stories and message with all of us.

Paint and Punch

This past Friday the Wilgus staff hosted the Paint and Punch FNC! Due to space limitations, the event was hosted in Bridgeway Commons and even that couldn’t hold in all the fun! We had a great time sipping juice mocktails and painting our own canvases with whatever our hearts’ desired! Thank you to everyone who came out and we hope you had as much as we did!

Gender Norms Party!

This past Thursday, Wilgus hosted a gender norms party. Some of the staff members along with a few residents simulated an actual party with mock drugging involved. Each resident was given a drink upon arrival and was then able to go enjoy games, music, and snacks. It helped add to the scenario that only those with the “drugs” (aka Skittles) knew who had “drugs” so it could’ve been anyone in the whole party, and when you’re surrounded by your friends and distracted, it can be easy to lose track of your cup or not pay enough attention to it.

Also the documentary, Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution was put on in the background towards the end of the event for anyone to watch. The film is on Netflix and we would highly encourage everyone to finish watching the film. This documentary will allow everyone to make their own opinions on the sexual revolution and gender norms that run our daily lives.

Swap Shop

This past week the Wilgus staff brought back a popular event for us known as Swap Shop! This event is used to help us clear out the extra “junk” we tend to realize we don’t use and hopefully find a new home for it. Everyone can bring in clothes, accessories, unopened food, makeup, and any random things we’ve managed to collect over the weeks and swap with each other. Any thing that isn’t swapped and if the original owner still doesn’t want it, is then donated. What a great concept and really hope to see it again closer to the end of the semester!

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