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Swap Shop



The swap shop had such a great turn out! Thanks to everyone that was able to take part in this program by bringing items down, or even by finding some great new items to add to your collection! It was a great success. Remember, you can make a difference just by giving/getting your clothes from thrift shops, hand-me-downs, or even through fun events like a swap shop. Sometimes, what’s old news to you is a treasure for someone else. Don’t throw away old clothes just because they don’t fit, or aren’t in style. It’s all a part of the process Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. By reusing clothes or other items, you are actually helping our earth.

Sea Turtles



Hey ladies! I hope you are enjoying your turtle door decs. These turtles have shells that are made with the bottoms of water bottles. Along with the door dec are facts about sea turtles and the factors that cause them to be endangered. I hope you like them and learn a little more about sea turtles and conservation in the process. Also, doing crafts with recycled items are a great way to conserve our environment in a small and creative way.