Butterfly Door Decs

I hope you’re enjoying your butterfly door decs! Butterflies seemed like a nice touch for the spring season!


Hot Air Balloon Door Decs

I hope you enjoy these door decs! They are 3D, which I think is super fun and awesome. I hope you enjoy them!

Summer Birthday Party

This is a short birthday party that is meant to acknowledge the lovely ladies on our wing who are not at college during their birthdays. We want to give you an opportunity to celebrate with friends! Have fun during this event while you enjoy beverages and cake!

Get to know a Faculty Member Board

Get to know about Wonim Son through this bulletin board! She is a professor in the Education Department. Wonim is a professor that I have been able to make a connection with since freshman year, and I hope you enjoy getting to know her as well! I encourage you to get to know your professors as well.

Rainbow Fish Door Decs


New Rainbow Fish Door Decs! Just like in the book, when we stop judging others and having a mindset stuck on one’s opinion, we will see that we are all the same. Also, if we spread things like kindness, respect, and acceptance, we will see that the world isn’t so different from us as we may have originally thought. I hope you like them!

Disney Totes


Hey ladies! Thanks to those of you who made it to the Disney Totes event! We hope you had a great time socializing and creating your very own Disney Totes! They turned out so well! What a great stress reliever as we are preparing for finals!

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