United We Stand: Stan Pearson

Stan Pearson was a very engaging, interesting speaker. He gave us a lot of knowledge on what people do, and how to succeed, while also letting us get active. He told us that People do things based on two things: 1. How they feel about themselves 2. How others view them. The first thing people need is support. They need to have support equivalent to their dreams. After they have support, they can act. Support is necessary for us to do more and be more. Next, people need to learn. It is up to each individual to learn and gather their own intel. People pray on our trust, so it is important to do your own research. After those three things are met, we can begin to strive. It is really easy to be average. In order to strive, you must push past the basics. When you are feeling lazy remember than time does not slow does for laziness. The final thing is acceptance. Stan defines acceptance as putting everything into it’s right place. You will not be able to forget everything, put what you can do is put it in it’s right place, the place where it will not negatively affect you, but allow you to grow more as a person.

If you have a good eye, you probably noticed that the bolded words above first letters spell out “SALSA.” So, after Stan gave us great information on how to grow as people, he taught us some salsa moves.


#Identity Development


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