Students Fight Back!

This week at UWP is safety week! I had the opportunity to attend the Students Fight Back program on Sunday, September 27th. Morgan was a very interactive speaker that taught me many things! I wanted to pass along the valuable knowledge I gained yesterday, regarding sexual assault and self defense, to all of you!

Morgan discussed the topic of intuition. She described intuition as knowing something without knowing why. Did you know that humans are the only beings on Earth that ignore their intuition?!  This is crazy since intuition will always act in your best interest. When it comes to our intuition, we need to stop saying “I knew it” and start saying “I know it!” Intuition is one valuable aspect of becoming CEOs of our own personal safety.

Besides listening to our intuition, there are a few other easy things we can all do to up our safety. 1) Body language: walk tall with your back straight and head up (think proper posture) 2) Eye contact: look people in the eye when you see them, this gesture says “I see you. I know you are there.” and 3) Heads up: being aware of your surroundings is a vesafety_week_1ry easy way to increase your personal safety. Morgan also mentioned that there should not be any assumptions when it comes to predators. They could be well-dressed and attractive. So where is this information about self-defense? Lets talk about it.

The best fight is the one never fought,” so Morgan taught us verbal ways to try to get rid of a predator. 1) deflection: sending an attacker the other way (“security is around the corner”) 2) empathy: if someone wants to hug you because they just broke up with their girlfriend, use empathy and tell them no. 3) double boundary: using commands to tell the predator/ attacker exactly what you want them to do. “NO! BACK UP! I don’t want any problems!”

How to fight back? Morgan shared with us her self-defense formula… when you are in a position where you need to defend yourself you think 1) where is he vulnerable? 2) where am I strong? 3) force! She also taught us an introduction to using self- defense with the “Badassballet.” If you want to learn more about what the Baddassballet is come visit your RA or get more information online at If you want to check out other awesome saftey week events check out!



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