Rain Drop, Drop Top

It’s the end of the semester and I know there are some people with no meals left for the upcoming weeks and some with an abundance of meals left. So while you’re struggling on which drinks and sweets to spend your remaining meals on, think of this board! Each rain drop offers a fact about plastic bottles, waste, and how it effects the planet.  With these in mind you can choose something tasty and something that won’t pollute the earth. Also, thank you to the residents who “helped” put this board together with their unanimous vote on choosing the title.


Rainbow Rave Drag Show

This past weekend the UW-Platteville Alliance hosted their 8th annual Rainbow Rave Drag Show! This is a great event to attend for anyone who has never been to a drag show because it is a free event that is full of energy and will have you laughing all night long. To all the residents who came with me, thank you for being open to something new and I’m happy everyone had a good time!

It’s All In The Stars

You ever wonder why you get along better with some people and not others? Ever wonder why people born around your birthday might exhibit some of the same traits as you? Well it could be because of your zodiac sign! Check out this new board in the wing that Falisha and Zoe helped put up that gives you some fun facts and an overview about all the different zodiac signs!

Would You Rather…?


A fun game we’re all used to playing with our friends and now we can play it with out wing! Everyone likes different things and values different things so let’s see what everyone has to say. This board is interactive so place the leaf with your name on the side you choose. This board will offer new choices every week so keep an eye out for that!

Cupcake Wars

CUPCAKE WARS! A fun and exciting Friday Night Club that was hosted by the staff you know best, Wilgus! Hours spent baking 600 cupcakes was well worth it to see all the fun and creative ways that everyone decorated their many cupcakes. Hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed eating your beautiful creations. Also, a big thank you to the different University employees and faculty who participated in judging the wars as well as decorating your own cupcakes 🙂

Door Decorating Contest

To finish off the Halloween season, we had a building wide door decorating contest. 4 East came to win with not only decorating their doors but the hallway as well! Good work to all those who decorated their doors, they looked AMAZING! Also, congratulations to Bailey for winning 1st place with her Frankenstein’s Monster door!

Halloween Bash!

Happy Halloween!! To celebrate this past Halloweekend we hosted a fun Halloween party in Wilgus. The party was complete with Halloween spirit including: candy, apple cider, classic Halloween movies, and costumes! Hope everyone had a good time decorating their pumpkin jars and playing Bingo. See you a the next event 🙂

Horror Movie Night

HorrorMovie Night

Happy Friday the 13th! To celebrate a group of us watched the original Nightmare on Elm Street and The Haunting in Connecticut as we snacked on popcorn, cookies, and brownies made by Vic from 4W. With the lights off and the pouring rain outside the mood was set for a spooktacular evening! Thank you to the many residents who came down to the LCCR to enjoy this event 🙂

Coming Out


This past Wednesday, during Yell Like Hell, RA Natalie and RA Danton along with help from SA Trevor put on this amazing event for National Coming Out Day. October is LGBTQA+ History Month and October 11th specifically is National Coming Out Day. For this event, they watched a documentary about a man who filmed his entire coming out story followed by a great discussion with special guest Dr. Pip, who is a professor here on campus that teaches many different Gay and Lesbian studies courses. I wasn’t able to attend the first half of the event due to Yell Like Hell, but I was able to bring residents and participate in some great discussion about coming out, sexuality, and acceptance. Thank you so much to Dr. Pip for coming to Wilgus Hall for such a great event and to the RAs and SA who helped put it all together.

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